F. A. Q.

What is Appswell?

Appswell is an online store with useful and must-have apps for Mac that can be downloaded with a single click. The Apps Personal Assistant will help you quickly find and advice the most suitable app, whereas the ongoing selections of apps and software reviews from Mac experts will help you make the right choice. If it's not enough, then you can download free trials and freemium apps before making a purchase. Finally, the updater functionality will help you keep the installed apps up-to-date.

How Appswell appeared on my Mac?

The Appswell team works with a wide range of partners that are Mac industry leaders and with other affiliates that help us distribute our software. You may be offered to install Appswell when you install other Mac software, and you can always reject this offer.

How to remove Appswell from my Mac?

Follow these simple steps to easily remove Appswell from your computer:

  1. 1. Please make sure that the app is closed before removing it.

  2. 2. Click the Finder icon, and then click Applications on the left to view all apps that are installed on your Mac.

  3. 3. In the installed apps list, find "Appswell"

  4. 4. Drag the Appswell icon to the Trash.

  5. 5. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen.

  6. 6. When the removal process is complete, click Finder > Empty Trash.

  7. 7. If you change your mind before emptying the Trash, select Appswell in the Trash, and then click File > Put Back.

  8. 8. WARNING: When you empty the Trash, the app is permanently re moved from your Mac. If you have any files that you created with the app, you may not be able to open them.