When Dirty Work Is Made Beautiful

Ethan Shport on Aug 10 Cleaners 5 min read

This one-button utility will help you clean your hard drive with chic

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Why with chic, you may ask? Because it ain’t a cheap piece of software, frankly. Some say it’s even overpriced. But, on the other hand, when you look at Shiny Soap’s beautiful skeuomorphic design and gorgeous animations, you start to understand why a “chic” epithet works here perfectly. It’s not only about the price though.

The basics

Let’s be honest, trying to clean up a Mac manually is a laborious task. It will take so much efforts, yet knowledge to pick up and remove what you don’t need physically, step by step. Moreover, it is not nearly enough, because some junk files hide in such deep waters, so you better become an archeologist to reach them. That's how some professional Mac cleaner software appeared. An old Mac can store gigabytes of junk files, which can not only take up your precious space but also slow down your machine.

Like many other apps before it, Shiny Soap aims to help remove unwanted clutter on your Mac. As it scans your computer, water fills a playfully skeuomorphic washing machine.

A skeuomorph is a tool or object that incorporates design elements from previous iterations that are no longer needed or used. In the context of technology, skeuomorphism is the design of software to look like the physical product that it's replacing.makeuseof

Arguments in favour of skeuomorphism include that it makes software easier to use for people who are familiar with the older devices that are imitated. And, to say the truth, the metaphor behind Shiny Soap’s washing machine suits here solidly. Animations are crafted so damn well that you’re eager to clean that junk over and over again.

Digital washing machine in action 

Shiny Soap scans your Mac’s disk drive for three types of file clutter: junk files (caches, logs, unneeded language files), leftovers (files that are left behind by previously deleted apps), and unused applications (apps that haven't been used for a long time). Overall feel and usability is great. The app provides an easy-to-understand user interface, with basically a single action button, and a fast scanning engine inside. 

Shiny Soap displays how much space is taken by junk files and includes a great autoclean option that can systematically remove unwanted files in the background.

When your “washing” cycle is done, as I’ve mentioned before, the app sorts your files into three categories: junk files, leftovers, and unused apps. Shiny Soap then offers to delete those filthy files. When you do so, the app claims that they’re terminated forever.

The “junk files” and “leftovers” section can be expanded to show individual junk items. Each one has checkboxes that enable you either to include them to or exclude them from the cleanup. Everything is selected by default because it’s okay and secure to remove those files.

Items in the “unused apps” section are not automatically included. This section lists the apps that haven't been used for three months or more, and you must tick the ones that you want to remove. It’s pretty smart because you may need that “Magic{xls}CONVERT_from_RAWtoPNG”, don’t you?

The price

When you install Shiny Soap, you get a free trial, and you are able to search for junk files and view their complete list. In this mode, the app will “clean” only a limited number of files, just over 100MB, but to remove all of them requires you to activate the app with a license. 

Anyway, this limited functionality of the free trial is enough to “feel” this app, appreciate how well it’s built, get to know how dirty your Mac is, and decide whether you want to buy the full Shiny Soap’s license or not.

Shiny Soap costs $29.99 for a Basic License, $44.99 for a Pro license, and $69.99 for an Ultimate license. If you choose a Pro or an Ultimate license, you’ll receive fresh updates, premium customer support, and remote assistance.

The best thing about Shiny Soap

If you forget to clean your Mac regularly, this app’s gonna do it for you. Shiny Soap removes junk files automatically in the background as they appear. The only thing that you should do is set up and activate the auto-clean option.

Shiny Soap
free trial
Shiny Soap is a sophisticated system-cleanup application for Mac OS X. "Want to cleanup your Mac with a Click? SHINY SOAP does the Trick!"