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Or why it’s time to think about empowering your digital security

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Dashlane is on the mission to “fix an internet.”

It sounds pretty ambitious, I must say. But when it comes from one of the best password manager tool on the market, there’s quite a few reasons to doubt their intentions.  

And here’s why. Dashlane’s “fix an internet” goal is based on each and every user’s pain. I mean authentic, not some artificial or generic problem. It lies somewhere between security and convenience of how we experience the web.

There are two billion beautiful people who use the web daily, and who face barely the same stresses and difficulties, most of which are passwords and personal info issues. Many of us realize that our passwords are unsafe. But we don’t quite see a fair need to strengthen them, until we get busted up by some digital canaglias. 

Let’s face it. We create trivial, wobbly, and naive passwords.Let’s face it. We create trivial, wobbly, and naive passwords. Name/surname + date of birth? Really? Raise your hand who has ever had a bad boy like this?

Moreover, we reuse them on several web services. We forget fresh ones all the time. As a result, we don’t want to get into new services, because remembering all those passwords after every new registration is so much pain.

I mean, please. We do need a password manager. It will secure our web journeys and make our internet lives much more comfortable via a single solution that is simple, secure, and comprehensive. 

The basics

Password managers are fundamentally designed to help people store, arrange, and encrypt their passwords for online interactions. They are a much neater and more secure alternative to common habit of dealing with the same passwords all over again.

All in all, most password managers are alike and operate in fairly same scenarios. To start with, it’s required to generate a strong Master Password — the Holy Grail of all your passwords. Keep in mind that you and only you should know the Master Password. It’s a must. Dashlane, actually, isn’t able able to figure out this kind of passwords. No worries. It’s completely yours.

After that, you add your credentials to the password manager, either manually or through the super convenient automatic tool that can find and upload data for you. That’s pretty much it. You’re ready to go.

Eventually, Dashlane is both a password manager and an online wallet. It’s a modern-looking and simple, yet firm and reliable app that could be handled across multiple devices and operating systems.

Dashlane does it all. It’s a secure digital memory — a secure vault that only you can access.Forbes

Dashlane provides you a bunch of must-have features. All your passwords are encrypted with the world's strongest technology — AES 256. You’ve got the autologin and autofill functions everywhere. You’re able to create super strong passwords and monitor their security scores.

In addition, via Dashlane you can save everything in a digital wallet — from credit cards to receipts — and then reach it on any device. Which is a pretty nice and handy solution for your financial operations.

Password Manager

One of the coolest features of Dashlane’s Password Manager is definitely the Password Changer. After all your stuff has been imported from browser, you can change it with a single click. Your fragile or compromised passwords are switched online, saved in the app, and accessible on all your devices. Dead simple. Blazing fast.

Now, when all your passwords rock, you’re free to experience flawless web surfing. You get automatic login (even if it’s a sophisticated one, like a two- or three-step field) for all your accounts. It works smoothly and makes you a happier human being.

When there’s a need to create a new password, you’re ready to generate a strong one without having to leave the page. Dashlane’s Password Generator works well and doesn’t require many steps to proceed. After the new strong password is generated, you save it and simply autofill as you browse.

What else is great about Dashlane is that it sends security alerts directly to your device when any of your accounts are being hacked or compromised. You’re able to change your old password immediately and prevent your data from theft.

Another nice thing in the Password Manager unit is Secure Notes, where you can store all your “sensitive” data. Pretty much whatever you like: your first romantic poem devoted to that girl, top-secret plans regarding conquering the world, or just a wifi password. It’s up to you.

Secure Notes is the place where you can store all your “sensitive” data 


Speaking for myself, one of the most annoying and time-consuming thing on the internet is filling those endless bureaucratic forms. Regardless whether it’s a payment, shiping specs, or a job application — it’s always such a boring and flat experience. 

Benefiting from Dashlane’s autofill capabilities, you’ll never have to fill in something more than just once, and then all further job could be left for the app. 

Actually, Dashlane handles it very well, with a great deal of accuracy. And what’s interesting and truly handy is that all your autofill options appear right on the page as you fill forms, not somewhere else apart.

Dashlaners save up to 50 hours a year by using our autofill.Dashlane

In addition to this, you can freely mix and match your info when filling forms, instead of creating several profiles.

After all, the autofill function helps you to avoid leaving any of your credentials unencrypted in your browser cache. It will be safely stored in Dashlane, under your Master control.

Digital Wallet 

With Dashlane’s online wallet you can shop, pay your bills, and store any payment types of yours. It could be bank info, credit and debit cards, PayPal, etc. All your private info is encrypted and secured with your Master Password plus PIN code. Dashlane says that today it works on each and every website without any problem. Besides, it‘s possible to sync your digital wallet across your devices.

Furthermore, another nice little thing is that Dashlane automatically saves receipts and screenshots of your purchases. Thus, you can store itemized info about your shopping and know exactly where you’ve made any of your purchases. From my point, it’s a decent way to smartly deal with your budget.

Overall, digital wallet is quite a helpful feature to play with, because you don’t have to keep your physical wallet right beside you every time you want to make a purchase online. 


Dashlane uses Amazon’s AWS for their hosting. And, to say the truth, it is among the most respected and secure cloud hosting solutions on the market. In addition to Amazon’s 24/7/365 monitoring, Dashlane team constantly audits all of their software by hiring the best friendly hackers to try and assault their system.

Nevertheless, let’s say, Dashlane system has been cracked (quite unimaginable scenario) — you can still feel secure knowing that your Master Password (the password that you use to unlock Dashlane on all of your devices) is never stored on Dashlane servers, which means that no one can access your account. 

Along with that, as I mentioned at the beginning, any data that is passed through Dashlane cloud is encrypted with the leading industry standard – AES 256.


The basic version of Dashlane is free, but of course you gonna get several restrictions though. You can use both Password Manage and Digital Wallet, but your data will be stored locally on a single device you choose, which is okay under some circumstances.

If you want to back up your “digital vault” and synchronize it across multiple devices, it’ll cost you a fee of $40 per year. The Premium package also provides the ability to access your passwords anywhere over the web and securely share them with your friends, family, or colleagues. 

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